Tourist place In Cox’s Bazar

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Cox’s Bazar is the most popular and largest sea beach in all over the world. Please read all the important tourist places.

➡️ Place: Cox’s Bazar sea beach

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Cox’s Bazar Beach is the longest uninhabited beach in the world. Cox’s Bazar beach is 120 km The feature of this lengthy beach is that the entire beach is sandy, the mud doesn’t exist. The tourist season is lively in Cox’s Bazar, with tourists roaming the sandy beaches, sophisticated hotel-cottages, and constantly decorated Burmese markets, along with sandy beaches adjacent to the sandy beaches. Cox’s Bazar Beach is a beautiful and beautiful beach. Waiting every day changes its appearance. Winter-Summer-Summer There is no season when the appearance of the beach does not change. One form in the morning and another in the afternoon.

➡️ Place: Kolatoli Beach Cox’s Bazar

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Kalatali Beach is another tourist attraction in Cox’s Bazar. Kalatali Beach is located in Cox’s Bazar. People of different ages traveled to Kalatali beach, bathed in the sea, came to enjoy the natural beauty. There are many tourist facilities in Kalatali Beach with various types of food restaurants. Walking on a moonlit night is really exciting for all ages. In the morning and evening, to enjoy there are various types of fish, dried fish, food, etc.

➡️ Place: Laboni Beach In Cox’s Bazar

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The large beach in the world is called Cox’s Bazar, which is also known as Labani Point or Old Sea Beach. Bangali just to see the sea, flee to Labani C-Beach in Cox’s Bazar. You can take a rickshaw or walk on foot by taking a bus from Cox’s Bazar from different parts of the country to the Laboni Sea Beach Road. Because of its proximity to the city of Cox’s Bazar, Labani Beach is considered to be the main beach in Cox’s Bazar. There are a number of small shops in the area adjacent to the beach, which attract tourists. Apart from this, the oyster market has been established for tourists. This market is built on borders with foreign goods from countries like Myanmar, Thailand, China, Korea.

➡️ Place: Himchori In Cox’s Bazar

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Cox’s Bazar is located 12 km south of the Himachari tourist center. The name of this beach is called Himchhari, surrounded by mountains. The beach here is relatively secluded and cleaner & clear than Cox’s Bazar. The beauty of it is not less in any part of Himchhari. The most important thing is that the path from Cox’s Bazar to this beach is as beautiful and thrilling as it is beautiful. The sandy beaches of the vast sea on one side and the green hill sarees on one side. Such a view would probably not be found anywhere else in the country. Someone came to Cox’s Bazar but did not run along this route, his entire journey was ground. Upon climbing the mountain, a huge sea lost on the blue horizon will float before the eyes. Such a view would probably not be found anywhere else in the country.

➡️ Place: Inani Beach In Cox’s Bazar

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Inani beach is only 5 km further from Himachali. Inani coral reefs. Much like St. Martin’s. Like Cox’s Bazar beach, there are no big waves on the beach. This is a very quiet beach in Inani Beach. Coral stones will not be visible when the tide comes. At the time of dawn, these stones only float across the vast area. Coral reefs have sharp oysters. So it’s more dangerous to jump here. Coral stones are the main attraction of Inani beach. Almost every stone is of different sizes and types.

➡️ Place: Sonadia Deep In Cox’s Bazar

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Sonadia Island is a beautiful island in Maheshkhali Upazila of Cox’s Bazar district. The area of ​​Sonadia Island is about 3 square kilometers. About 5 km from Cox’s Bazar District Headquarters Sonadia Island is located to the north-west and south of Maheshkhali Island. Isolated from the island of Maheshkhali by a canal. The beaches on three sides, the Kaya-Nishindra bushes, the parabens with small canals, and the aquatic species make the island unique. Sonadia is a small coastal island opposite Cox’s Bazar. The island of Sonadia is a paradise for birds. The charming is famous for the sandy and oval in the western part of the island. It is located about 5 km from Cox’s Bazar.

➡️ Place: Sonadia Deep In Cox’s Bazar

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